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I drove to Toronto bright and early yesterday morning to get to BookExpo for a nice solid day. I took Brantford novelist Joan Itoh Burk with me. Her first novel is just out with Brindle & Glass, called One Chrysanthemum. She has published a number of cookbooks in the past and she's the food writer for the Brantford Expositor. We have known each other for quite a long time. In fact, we swapped manuscripts before either of us had novels published. She did a signing at BookExpo and she had a long and satisfying lineup. Her novel looks fabulous. I grabbed me a copy.

I love going to BookExpo! What a book-aholic's dream come true: being given a shopping bag or three, and being let loose amidst brand new free books. Autographed, no less!

I did a signing of Kobzar's Children at 3:30pm. I was expecting a non-existent line-up seeing as the whole tradeshow closes down on Monday afternoon, but there was a huge lineup. I heard so many nice comments about Kobzar's Children too. Many of the people who waited in line for an autograph said that it was wonderful that there was finally a book out like this -- stories about Ukrainian immigrants --  spanning a century. Reps from Chapters in Oshawa and Ancaster both asked if there could be a Kobzar signing. Very nice.

Muriel Wood, illustrator extraordinaire for Aram's Choice was also there. We had hoped to be signing Aram's Choice also, but full-colour illustrated books are always printed in either China or Hong Kong and Aram is still on the open sea. He's due to land sometime next week. So instead, Muriel and I signed postcards. I have only one copy of Aram's Choice right now. I can hardly wait til the rest arrive!!
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