Marsha Skrypuch (marsha_s) wrote,
Marsha Skrypuch

nasty snail-mail

I guess I should chalk this up to things being better. It's not hate mail. No death threat. Just someone telling me that no one is interested in reading about WWII and Ukraine. The handwritten letter -- unsigned of course --  was snail-mailed to my husband's office, addressed to me.  It was postmarked right after Stolen Child was shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year.

Here it is, errors intact:

Dear Marsha Skrypuch

Many Actors and others are into writing short children's books (some don't have children)
Others -- to fill in their empty hours are into the arts (Not for financial gain)

Your stories are emotional. Sad - and suffering = Related to you by older people, friends and close relatives and you are a good listener =
The War, Ukraine, Nazis (not Germans but NAZIS) - Today people do not know these history. War. Ukraine. Words.
Many other countries have suffered more even in to-days world=
Forget about The Nazis - Hitler=
let it go = What child or adult wants to read about Hitler? = Maybe only you and your Ukraine old friends - have you been there? I've been there =

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