Marsha Skrypuch (marsha_s) wrote,
Marsha Skrypuch

Introducting Monika Schröder: Crystal Kite winner for the Middle East/India/Asia

Monika Schröder grew up in Germany and has worked as an elementary school teacher and librarian in international schools in Egypt, Oman, Chile and India. She recently moved to the US and now lives with her husband and their dog Frank in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Crystal Kite winning novel, SARASWATI'S WAY, is Monika's second book and set in contemporary India. 12-year old Akash, who has a gift for math, runs away from his home in rural Rajasthan in search of a better life and ends up as a street child in the New Delhi train station. Monika's first book, THE DOG IN THE WOOD (Front Street, 2009), was included in the Voya Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers list. Her next novel, MY BROTHER'S SHADOW, will be published in September 2011 and takes place in Berlin at the end of WWI. Visit her at

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